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In The Beginning

In The Beginning

Kira Skov | Maria Faust

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Maria Faust Kira Skov

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Type: CD
Label: Stunt
EAN: 0663993170121
Catalogusnummer: STUCD 17012
Uitgebracht: 06-17

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The music includes hypnotic, chant-like presentations of tales inspired by sacral orthodox hymns, in a merger of Estonian folklore and western cultural influence that together forge a new genre: a hybrid of musical categories, aural images, and stories. A fusion that challenges listeners from all backgrounds to characterize.

Recording in the Church would itself prove to be particularly challenging. With no running water or electricity on site, a support team was assembled, ranging from inter- national film production managers, to local people who simply “knew how to get stuff if something breaks down or goes wrong.” Against all odds, Kira, Maria, the musi- cians, and the support staff arranged a recording in the breathtakingly beautiful room, financed in part by a com- prehensive crowdfunding campaign.

Along with the legendary Los Angeles-based producer Mark Howard, the team of carefully selected crew and assi- stants - who supplied generator buses for power, heaters for warmth, lighting for film and photo crews, meals, transportation, beds, saunas, and overwhelming hospita- lity - created a studio from scratch in the otherwise empty church for the ambitious venture, and successfully recor- ded Maria’s arrangements with a 6-piece Estonian choir, 4 horns, upright bass and cello, drums, and percussion, all featuring Kira as the lead vocalist and storyteller. The setup, recording process, and tearing down of the studio was all documented with Virtual Reality cameras which, upon release and distribution of the material, will take the viewers and listeners into the church, and give them the intimate experience of being present throughout the pro- cess. Between the musicians, technicians, assistants, camera crews, film crews, VR crew, local journalists, and national media crews, there were 24 people uniting to make this project a reality in a room that would have otherwise been completely empty. 

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