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The Violin

The Violin's delight

Plamena Nikitassova

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Various Plamena Nikitassova Matthias Müller Jörg-Andreas Bötticher

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Type: CD
Label: Claves Records
EAN: 7619931172729
Catalogusnummer: CD 1727
Uitgebracht: 10-17

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“ … Wohl-gepflanzter Violinischer Lust-Garten” (Well-Planted Violin Pleasure Garden) – such was the title employed by Johann Jacob Walther for a second printing of the sonata-like preludes for solo violin and basso continuo originally issued back in 1688. Published in Mainz in 1694, the re-edition reaffirmed his reputation as a virtuoso master violinist with a further compositional calling card. Contrary to what a Baroque “garden” might suggest, as exemplified by the volume’s frontispiece with its perfectly straight axes and neatly fenced-in vegetation, the German violin music of the 17th century is anything but predictable and orderly. The sonatas and dance movements of our recording instead reveal a pleasure in unfettered thinking and experimentation requiring full command of the compositional and technical craft while also unleashing fantastical fabulations of the hands and the mind. 


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