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Skop Gat

Skop Gat

Various Artists

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Skop Gat Eric Vloeimans

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Type: CD
Label: Supertracks Records
EAN: 0608917576528
Catalogusnummer: ST 75765
Uitgebracht: 10-10

Over het album

SKOP GAT is a music campaign initiated by Music Mayday to spotlight talent in South Africa, through collaborations with Dutch artists with the purpose of drawing attention to the creative potential of youth living in inner cities and townships. Not coin- cidentally the campaign took off during FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup, where the focus was on South Africa and the African continent. As a result, SKOP GAT was able to bring to life 10 unique songs on one CD, which serve as soundtracks to South African daily life.

This product is the result of dedication, passion, energy and creative juices that flowed between the youth and artists of a diverse background, who never met prior, but shared one commonality - the desire to create something that will change the world and create a better future. Allow us to take you on a musical journey through diverse genres including: hip-hop, house, afro-soul, mbaqanga, dancehall, folk, and a touch of jazz, therefore providing a tasty concoction that will no doubt satisfy your broad musical pallet.
Music Mayday has devoted years to stimulating and guiding talented youth in Africa. We are convinced that creativity is the backbone to social, cultural and economic evolution. Talent can be broken down into various categories ranging from music & dance to film & theater. We build on the creative potential which is already existing among youth. This is where Music Mayday has proven to be effective - by offering guidance and coaching, our projects serve as a safe haven and launch pad for talented individuals. Not only do we provide the necessary equipment, but we also find it crucial to teach these youngsters the business by linking them up with industry professionals and media. Finally we provide them with international connections. Music Mayday has successfully executed various “talent support” initiatives
in Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Namibia) since 2003.

Artists that worked on this album are: Dennis, Zuluboy, Blaxtar, Zonke, Typhoon, Vuyo Tylo, Giovanca, Zubz, Eric Vloeimans, Gloria Bosman, Ashwin Jaydee & Rootsriders, EJ von Lyrik, Joep Pelt, Black Moses Ngwenya, Franky Rizardo, RJ Benjamin, Kern Koppen and Jitsvinger

All proceeds from this CD will be used to fund our new talent support projects in Capetown & Johannesburg. Thank you for your support!!!
More information about this project: visit http://skopgat.nl/

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Various Artists


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