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La voce del violino

La voce del violino

Exquisite Noyse

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Exquisite Noyse

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Type: CD
Label: Perfect Noise
EAN: 4260085534494
Catalogusnummer: PN 1501
Uitgebracht: 11-15

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The CD „la voce del violino“ of Cologne-based ensemble Exquisite Noyse explores the diverse and colorful musical world into which the violin was born - anonymous dances, arrangements and improvisations, instrumental renditions of vocal works including beautiful and haunting madrigals, chansons and motets by Arcadelt, Janequin, Josquin and Verdelot. The next CD production is planned for Autumn of 2015.
Exquisite Noyse Exquisite Noyse brings to life music of the Renaissance in a very special way. Performing on instruments of the violin family and a Renaissance triple harp, Exquisite Noyse gives life to a pivotal and important musical repertoire. Our choice of repertoire, instruments, and playing techniques conjure an image of the violin as a new technology in a world undergoing radical musical change. In this music, the violin’s earliest voice—vibrant, seductive, fresh, and unfettered by later conventions —leaps off the strings and across the centuries to new ears and new discovery. 

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