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Baroqueswing Vol. III (CD   bonus dvd)

Baroqueswing Vol. III (CD bonus dvd)

Charl du Plessis Trio

Johann Sebastian Bach / Antonio Vivaldi
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Artiesten & componisten

Werner Spies Hugo Radyn Antonio Vivaldi Johann Sebastian Bach Charl du Plessis

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Type: CD
Label: Claves Records
EAN: 7619931180120
Catalogusnummer: CD 1801
Uitgebracht: 01-18

Over het album

With some prolific examples of crossover music on the international circuit I never imagined my original arrangements of Baroque music for jazz piano trio would lead to such long line of concerts, recordings, and a selection of albums in the Baroqueswing series. What an honour to present our first DVD in this special box set with our second album by Claves. Finally we can share the ethereal beauty of Musikdorf Ernen with audiences around the world. As so many artists before us have found inspiration in the picturesque village, we also feel honoured and energised by the intense influence of nature, silence and overwhelming beauty found in the Alps. 

As with the previous programmes I aimed at combining a selection of work which could contrast with past efforts by the Trio, whilst allowing for contrast within the works presented in Baroqueswing Vol. II. Our endeavour to include longer, multi-movement works not only displays the genius of the composers represented on this album, but explore (within the confines of our new cross-over musical language) the prestidigitation required for stylistic and aesthetically pleasing performance. Combining this with the dexterity and spontaneity of improvisation in the moment and the energy exuded by the audience, culminated in a musical stimulus not possible to reproduce in the safe and rigid world of the recording studio. 

As part of 10th anniversary celebrations of the Charl du Plessis Trio, I included two of my own compositions as a reflection of our own contemplative abilities while also expressing some form of honest musical connection in stark contrast to the more formal works. The Bach and Friends Jazz Suite is my own creation, where interjecting jazz standards amidst well-known Bach works made for a unique experience, performing these colourful creations in succession. 

Performing this new music for the first time on this recording - even if the source of our creation has been around for many centuries - was a truly memorable experience for us. Not only is this music a form of entertainment and art in combination, but also a means of contact with the world of beauty, which stimulates our imagination, sensitivity and minds eye. It sometimes makes us wonder or sometimes moves us, confirming the power of live music creation. 

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