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Vogler Schulhoff Quartett

Vogler Schulhoff Quartett

Vogler Schulhoff Quartett

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Erwin Schulhoff Vogler Quartett Frank Reinecke

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Type: CD
Label: Phil.Harmonie
EAN: 4250317416162
Catalogusnummer: PHIL 06016
Uitgebracht: 01-23

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After World War I Schoenberg was prominently placed, together with Stravinsky, Bartok and Hindemith. Krenek and Weill were beckoning, whilst Les Six suffered for their irony in Paris. Quite different was the perspective for composer Erwin Schulhoff returning home from the war. At 24 years of age, he had been wounded twice on the front and experienced human suffering, destruction and the loss of own ideals. Schulhoff had to scratch a living doing musical odd jobs but became friends with George Grosz, Otto Dix along with the Berlin Dada movement, whilst programming the Second Viennese school in his Dresden concerts. In the Nazi era he was denied employment and politically he leaned to the left, even setting passages from the Communist Manifesto, later obtaining Soviet citizenship. However, he was arrested in Prague the day after the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941. In 1944, he died in the Wülzburg concentration camp in Germany and it was to take more than 40 years for his work to become known and more popular, enhanced by the efforts of Michael Haas and Decca's Entartete music series.

The Vogler Quartet celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2010/11. Here they offer Schulhoff's chamber music from the mid 1920s.

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