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Satie: Danses gothiques - 4 Préludes - Petite ouverture à danser

Satie: Danses gothiques - 4 Préludes - Petite ouverture à danser

Ulrich Gumpert

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Ulrich Gumpert Erik Satie

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Type: CD
Label: Phil.Harmonie
EAN: 4250317416254
Catalogusnummer: PHIL 06025
Uitgebracht: 05-21

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A jazz musician - pianist and composer - plays Erik Satie. His stations: SOK, Synopsis, the Ulrich Gumpert workshop band (celebrated on international Festivals), the duo with Günter Sommer; the trio with Radu Malfatti and Tony Oxley. Gumpert performing in a duo with Dietmar Diesner and Gumpert solo, playing his own piano music - plain pieces of deep urge. It seems as if Gumpert inevitably had to come to Satie. It is not scores which are the essence of Satie's music but his attitudes. A pianist who feels strange with Satie's nature, can play the pieces key by key from the score and though disfigure them past recognition. l can't name any musician who is more able to play the early works of Erik Satie, than Ulrich Gumpert.

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