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Diego Pinera

Tino Derado
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Diego PiƱera Tino Derado Omar Rodriguez Calvo Daniel Manrique-Smith Julian Wasserfuhr

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Type: CD
Label: ACT music
EAN: 0614427985422
Catalogusnummer: ACT 98542
Uitgebracht: 02-18

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It was the awakening (Despertando) of a tinge of longing which inspired Diego Pinera to record this album. More than seventeen years after having left his native Uruguay, he re-visits his roots, the influences which first left their mark on him, and the legacy which made him the musician he is today. His choice of compositions is highly personal: tunes by Gato Barbieri and Ernesto Lecuona are clear cultural references to Argentina and Cuba (Pinera studied in Havana). His own composition "Osvaldo por nueve" is a homage to his first teacher and mentor Osvaldo Fattoruso. It is also Pinera’s modern take on the 'candombe' folklore tradition, popular in Uruguay. The track "Yakarito Terere" is personal too: a composition by his father, inspired by a memory from childhood, of regular excursions into the hinterland of Montevideo.

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