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Stop For A While (vinyl)

Stop For A While (vinyl)

Low - Fly Quintet

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Artiesten & componisten

Camilla Tømta Siri Snortheim Uri Sala Ole Gjøstøl Skjalg Lidsheim

Over het product

Type: LP 12inch
Label: Losen Records
EAN: 7090025835049
Catalogusnummer: LOSLP 1881
Uitgebracht: 02-18

Over het album

Low-Fly Quintet will release their first album on the renowned Norwegian jazz label Losen Records in October 2017 in Norway and January 2018 in the rest of the world both on CD and LP. Their performance on the debut album ”Stop For A While” will give you a sense of being present in a smoky, underground, jazz club in New York

LFQ composes Vivacious, Sexy, Elegant, Raw, & Genuine original songs inspired by vocal jazz from the early 30’s. They also impart their innovative interpretation of select familiar songs from the same era. Their modern approach to the classical sound of traditional vocal jazz will surprise and move you. Low-Fly Quintet transports you back in time to the music that incited emotionalism. The theme of thisdebut album is both raw everyday realism, and colourful daydream-like life. Some songs feature tender, embracing love that relieves tension, while other songs are about more complex and sometimes even dark aspects of life that leave the listener in a state of reflection. LFQ’s artistry will take you on a journey where you’ll experience a musical interlude that will be charming, fun, sensual, energetic and unique.

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