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Of Light and Dust

Of Light and Dust

Kammerkoret NOVA

Knut Nystedt / Andrew Smith / Lansing D. McLoskey / Henning Sommerro / Kim André Arnesen / Yehezkel Braun / Abraham Kaplan / Frank Havrøy / Nana Forte / Henrik Ødegaard / Dov Carmel
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Much music and poetry has been written around the themes of faith and doubt. This is our point of departure. Throughout the millennia, humankind has fought over differences of religious, as well as non-religious, conviction. Yet hope is a fundamental aspect of any faith, a common resonance in spite of all differences. We have selected a variety of expressions of faith and doubt. Religious pieces from both Jewish and Christian traditions, mainly based on texts from outside the official liturgy and ceremony, are contrasted with pieces declaring faith in humankind and life before death.
Musically we have chosen to focus on contemporary music, through original compositions and new arrangements based on folk music.
In an ever more interwoven world, where cultures and faiths intersect and clash to an ever-increasing degree, we hope to lift up what unites us.

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