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Joost Lijbaart / Sanne Rambags / Bram Stadhouders / Under the Surface

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Joost Lijbaart Bram Stadhouders Sanne Rambags Under the Surface

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Type: CD
Label: Challenge Records
EAN: 0608917347128
Catalogusnummer: CR 73471
Uitgebracht: 03-19

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Drummer Joost Lijbaart on Trinity:
"After two years of playing and traveling together, we all felt the urge to capture our music on a live album. For me, playing live concerts with the trio resembles a growing tree. The music evolves naturally from silent and hidden to strong and fertile, from heavenly to earthy, from life to death to life. Our concerts are still fully improvised and become ever more an immersive experience for the audience and ourselves – an experience which takes us out of our own comfort zone to a hidden world of tenderness, anger, security, abandonment, joy, grief, peace and all the other emotions every human being will experience during his or her life.”

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