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Xose Miguelez

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Xose Miguelez Storm Nilson Ben Leifer John Kizilarmut Peter Schlamb Matt Otto

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Type: CD
Label: Origin Records
EAN: 0805558277825
Catalogusnummer: ORIGIN 82778
Uitgebracht: 06-19

Over het album

While looking through songbooks of traditional Galician music, Spanish saxophonist Xose Miguelez happened upon a recording by the ethnic musicologist Dorothé Schubart of a ballad, sung by his own Great-Aunt Amparo almost 40 years ago in Cerdedelo-Laza, a beautiful village hidden in the Galician hills. All of the compositions on "Ontology" come from a four-note motif at the beginning of that ballad. The idea came from Kansas City saxophonist Matt Otto, a friend and mentor to Xose and the producer of this recording. Though through the sounds of this dynamic, modern jazz quartet it may be difficult to discern the four-note motif, it is the very root and inspiration of this work. Listen to the end to hear Great-Aunt Amparo sing her song. 

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