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Genzo Okabe

Miguel Rodríguez
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Artiesten & componisten

Genzo Okabe Miguel Rodríguez Steven Willem Zwanink Francesco de Rubeis

Over het product

Type: CD
Label: Challenge Records
EAN: 0608917348729
Catalogusnummer: CR 73487
Uitgebracht: 10-19

Over het album

Genzo Okabe: "In the ‘Okabe Family’ project, including this album, I have been creating music by relying only on my own sensibilities for about 10 years, without being caught up in what is authentic or what is progress. Whether it's real jazz or not, it's not a problem at all from my personal point of view. Create something voluntarily and throw it into a global platform. Then, if someone somewhere in the world reacts in any way, a new movement will come out. I hope that localization will bring artists to make new communities in the sense of musical interest rather than national or geographic framework, and a variety of music as many dialects enrich our entire society." 

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