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Bob Ravenscroft & Inner Journeys

Dwight Kilian / Rob Moore
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Artiesten & componisten

Bob Ravenscroft Dwight Kilian Rob Moore

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Type: CD
Label: OA2 Records
EAN: 0805552217629
Catalogusnummer: OA2 22176
Uitgebracht: 03-20

Over het album

Begun in earnest as an acoustic jazz trio in 2005, pianist Bob Ravenscroft, bassist Dwight Kilian and drummer Rob Moore's thirst to traverse destinations beyond worked its way into their rehearsals, performances, and then into weekly recording sessions in their studio outside of Phoenix. Phantasmagoria offers 21 moments, or vignettes. Sometimes a brief piano statement, or a fierce '60s free-jazz explosion, or, as in the opening "Commencement," shimmering synths suggesting a prog-rock introduction only to lead into a free jazz drum solo. From pristine solo piano pieces such as Icicles or Pure Light, to the darkened urban landscapes of Traffic Jam, Unrest and Mad Jazz Tea, or the ethereal synth explorations of Wandering, Inner Journeys achieves a deeply moving and atmospheric sound that travels through jazz and beyond.

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