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The Sonatas for Violin and Cembalo obbligato Vol. 2

The Sonatas for Violin and Cembalo obbligato Vol. 2

Fabio Bonizzoni I Ryo Terakado

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Artiesten & componisten

Fabio Bonizzoni Ryo Terakado Johann Sebastian Bach

Over het product

Type: CD
Label: Challenge Classics
EAN: 0608917292923
Catalogusnummer: CC 72929
Uitgebracht: 03-23

Over het album

Fabio Bonizzoni: Performing the complete sonatas for violin and harpsichord is like embarking on a long hike; heavy, difficult, sometimes dangerous. Playing them is not an activity for lazy people: you need to enjoy making an effort. As in the mountains on difficult terrain, every step needs concentration, good balance, the ability to sense danger, to foresee the unstable stone. The complete cycle is like a long hike; one that leaves your legs tired and maybe painful the next day but at the same time one that enriches your eyes and soul with the beauty of ever-changing landscapes. It is like starting from a valley on soft grass and starting to ascend slowly, step by step, reaching the woods, seeing the type of trees changing. Eventually the forest is left behind and we are again on the grass, but more sparse now, and the first rocks are looming closer and closer. The snow is not far away either… There is not a moment or a view that is not memorable, that will not leave a significant imprint in our memory; a gem, a hidden flower, an unexpected harmony, a daring counterpoint, a melancholic melody. And as one does not need to be a geologist or a botanist to be moved by the beauties of the mountains, similarly one does not need to be a musician to listen passionately to these sonatas.


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