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Achim Seifert Project

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Achim Seifert Roman Rofalski Leonard Huhn Konrad Ullrich Sarpay Özçağatay Mona Burger

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Type: CD
Label: Double Moon Records
EAN: 0608917142426
Catalogusnummer: DMCHR 71424
Uitgebracht: 03-23

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The Achim Seifert Project of e-bassist Achim Seifert, who was nominated for the 2016 Echo Jazz in the category "Best National Bassist", has been in existence for more than ten years. “Dünyalar” is already his fourth album, and as the title already reveals – “Dünyalar” means “worlds” – the son of a Turkish father is increasingly dealing with his musical roots.

"I came into contact with Turkish and Arabic music as a child through my father," he said. "The new album is an approach to my Turkish roots, which are part of my identity. My family in Turkey sent me the notes of Turkish songs. From several hundred pieces, I then chose these five and arranged them."

The songs work with a poetic sound language that is dominated by melody and rhythm. "I chose the songs based on their melodies, but the rhythmic finesse also plays a role," Seifert said. "In Turkish music, the odd measures dominate, which is a real playground for a bass player."

The Achim Seifert Project interprets the odd measures with a supple nonchalance that sounds just right in your ears, but they also leave room for improvisation – the musicians are well aware of the background context of the songs. "The love songs often have a comforting meaning," the bassist explained. “It's a lot about longing and missing, about the opportunities you've missed in life. The songs express sadness, but also hope and are generally characterized by strong emotions."

These songs merge with a Western concept of jazz with great delicacy. "In some cases," Seifert said, "they are very old pieces that are still often sung and that many people in Turkey know."

In addition to these songs, Seifert also contributed three originals to the album, some of which were produced in co-production with his pianist Roman Rofalski. "I've known Roman for a long time," the bassist stated. "He is a crossover artist, because he also studied classical piano. In addition to jazz, he also has a classical approach and is an incredibly accomplished pianist. You can also hear his classic roots when he improvises."

The melodies are often carried by saxophonist and clarinetist Leonard Huhn, whom many might know from the band Schmid’s Huhn. "I met Leonard Huhn seventeen years ago at a workshop in Berlin, and I have been a fan of his sound and his sound aesthetics since that time," the bandleader stated enthusiastically. "He is on the move a lot in the free scene in Cologne, which I find admirable."

The drums are played by Konrad Ullrich, who can be heard in the Heiko Fischer Quartet, for example, or in the bands of bassist Giorgi Kiknadze. "Konrad is a drummer with precise rhythmic ideas," Achim said. "His playing style is very creative, and he is also a groove machine, which is very important for my music."

The sound is completed by the flutist Sarpay Özcagatay and the violinist Mona Burger, who play at various times in the album and give the music an additional dimension. "Dünyalar" actually connects worlds without falling into an intrusive crossover aesthetic.

Of course, the music is supported by Achim with his extremely variably playing on the electric bass, an instrument that he already selected to play when he was a child. "The electric bass has been my instrument since I was twelve," he confirmed. "You can try a lot of things out on the instrument, because it is still quite young. The tone quality is much more exact than on a double bass, and that fascinates me.”

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