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Marit van der Lei Nextet

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Marit van der Lei Marre de Graaff Federico Castelli Kika Sprangers Jesse Schilderink Willem Romers

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Type: CD
Label: Challenge Records
EAN: 0608917356427
Catalogusnummer: CR 73564
Uitgebracht: 09-23

Over het album

To me, human psychology is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Why do we behave and feel as we do? I’ve found out that personalities can be divided into 5 dimensions. One of those dimensions is the extent to which someone can experience “mildness”. In my opinion mildness has to some extent been turned into a stigma, as opposed to a positive character trait. We have collectively become less mild. The distance between people who are less like-minded has grown. Over recent years, that distance has become painfully clear. I started thinking about how we can achieve reconciliation. With ourselves, with each other, with the world around us. So that we can be more contemplative and no longer have to fall back on radical judgment.

Music soothes, and with that deep conviction I wrote the music for this album. I went looking for sounds, chords, whispers and everything that goes with this message. I started by looking at myself. What are my own convictions, beliefs and opinions? What are they based on? Are they true? Because of this inner journey, this has become very personal album. I hope it can take you along on a soothing path, discovering your own thoughts and feelings. Because if we are aware of our own true inner world, I know that we can be kinder to the outside world.

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