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Live at LunÀtico

Live at LunÀtico

Arthur Kell Speculation Quartet

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Arthur Kell

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Type: CD
Label: Origin Records
EAN: 0805558288425
Catalogusnummer: ORIGIN 82884
Uitgebracht: 05-24

Over het album

With New York bassist Arthur Kell's latest release, his creative pursuits come full circle. Through the bar and music venue that he co-founded, LunÀtico has helped nurture the vibrant music scene in modern-day Brooklyn, which now in turn, has helped nurture his latest musical explorations. Long before his ubiquitous presence on LunÀtico's bandstand, many of Kell's earliest gigs were in the same Bed-Stuy neighborhood. This homecoming of sorts inspired the forming of this two-guitar quartet - featuring Brad Shepik and Nate Radley, along with the quickly ascending drummer, Allan Mednard - and affected the widely eclectic range of the music through the Afro-Brazilian-Arabic influences that can be found in LunÀtico's curated projects.

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